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I don't write a whole ton about my personal life here because usually it doesn't seem to pertinent to what's going on with Tea Rose. However, when opportunity knocks for larger things to happen in life, I feel like they should be shared. When Hector and I got back from Bonnaroo in June we had expected to receive the paperwork to renew our lease, a day later we received a text message stating just the opposite. Our landlord was selling her remaining units and we needed to be out by September 1st, this of course caused a huge panic for me when it came to what would happen with orders, I had just started a huge sale, how would I work on the new collection if everything needed to be packed away, and so forth. So we set up an appointment to look at similar units in our complex that were available to start the process and move as quickly as possible so that our personal lives and more importantly Tea Rose wouldn't suffer. So we looked at those units and right after on a whim drove over to Lincoln Park, NJ to see if we could maybe see a unit there that a family member insisted we check out. 

We walked inside and fell in love, we knew instantly that this new apartment needed to be where we called home. It was so much more spacious than our current layout and included a huge office that I could dedicate to Tea Rose. I freaked out on the drive home hoping that this was something that we could make work, needing it to be where we called home. This past Friday, Hector went over and dropped off our application and they told him to go see 2 similar units that were available immediately and they would let us know if we were approved when he got back. So he quickly  FaceTimed with me before I started work and we agreed which unit we would prefer out of the two if we were approved. About 20 minutes later I received a text from hector that just said "call me when you can." and immediately thought the worst. I called him and burst into tears the second he said "we got it, we move the 26th."

2019 has not been easy by any means, it's had some good ups but a whole ton of downs and I kept feeling like we were owed something great from the universe for all that we'd been through up to this point. Despite all my anxiety regarding moving and panic over whether or not we would get this place, I instantly started shopping and planning for what I would fill my new office space with. This visual manifestation of what I felt was coming proved to be true and with that said, if you believe something will happen the universe will answer. Whether it have been that the universe said yes or no to this opportunity, I fully believe that it answered in the way in which it knows both Hector and I can handle. 

But, most importantly, what does this all mean for Tea Rose? I now have a full blown studio space in our new home that won't take up 75% of our apartment. I have a space where I can leave projects started, a place where I can close the door and hide from distractions to just work, a place to leave all my photography equipment set up for when I need it. I have a space where I can bring my vision for the Tea Rose brand to life. And most importantly to me, I have a place where I can meet with clients for custom designs, host small shopping parties, everything I could possibly think of is now a possibility. I am beyond excited to begin decorating this space and showing you how it turns out. And even more excited to get into the space and start work on the next collection. 


I look forward to sharing this journey and transformation period for Tea Rose with all of you over social media over the next few weeks. 

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