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When in Quarantine...

Posted by Julie Visser on

At this point now most of us have been home for the better part of a month, with no real end in sight. I've gone through a ton of different emotions when it comes to being home; from excited to finally get caught up with Tea Rose to extreme laziness where I laid on the couch and did nothing for a day because it feels like time is standing still. And it took me this long to realize that both are totally okay. I've wanted nothing more than to have the chance to stay home and put everything into Tea Rose, I just never imagined it would come on the heels of a global pandemic. I've tried everything when it comes to keeping productive, from writing a schedule to blocking out time, and finally to just listening to my gut. And the one that's worked best, listening to my gut. 

This past week I let my gut guide me through how to run Tea Rose and it was the least stressed I've ever felt about everything since starting. I spent a good deal of time evaluating a few things when it comes to social media specifically and settled on only posting Monday - Friday so once things get back to 'normal' I can devote my weekends to every craft show in the area. This also gives me a full 48 hours to focus on  a few more creative aspects such as design, photoshoots, and giving myself those occasional 'lay in bed and watch Netflix' days. This past week was the most productive I've had since being home for sure, I was able to make a bunch of pieces, shoot them, sort through the photos, and set myself up to be able to upload everything with full ease this week. 

This coming week I'll be working on adjusting my posting schedule to get it to a sweet spot between sharing as much as I can without totally overrunning your feed. I'll be posting new pieces on the daily, if you're not following on Instagram you'll want to be as I'll be showing all these new pieces off in stories first! Most of the crystal pieces getting added to the shop are one of a kind and with the major sale still going on I'm sure they won't last long. I've also got plans to start building my stay home playlist so you can listen along to what keeps me going in the studio. Adding crystal profiles to the blog to help you find what stones can help you faster and connecting everything together in one space. I've mapped out a plan to make a few more pieces so that I'm not spending all day with my laptop in my face and to keep my creative juice flowing while I organize the studio. And lastly I have plans in the works to recreate a few of my favorite photographers photos to keep the dust off my camera.

It took a month but I'm finally at a point where I feel like there's a balance between productivity and laziness. I'll check back next week to keep you all in the loop!


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