Welcome to the Garden

Ever since I started Tea Rose I dreamed about having the time to just focus and create a cohesive collection. Today I did that. I just released my first fully cohesive collection with plans to release 3 more this year among a ton of other small updates. Its always so easy to think about pieces that I want to make, pieces I want to wear, outfits I have to match all of these dreamed up ideas ; when it's a concept it's easy. When it comes time to make this come to life, it's always more difficult for so many different reasons. When we got Scooby I knew it meant that I was going to have to focus on creating larger collections, which meant more shoots, more hours behind a computer but mostly it meant it would be easier for me to break everything up. Ultimately I decided on huge seasonal launches, I picked my themes, I bought all of the components I would need and I got to it.

Spring, the time when everything begins to come back to life, when all things are green and feel like a totally fresh start. When I put pen to paper creating the themes I instantly wrote down "The Secret Garden" and it just felt right. I had a ton of skeleton key necklaces left over that I kept debating reworking or just putting back up and finally decided they needed to be the keys to my secret garden. 2020 was such a strange year, it was a curse but a blessing; it was my renewal. I found my love for this business again. I knew that the more I strove to create the better I could expand Tea Rose. When I put together the mood board for this collection I already knew exactly what I wanted my shoot to look like, I knew the colors needed to be greens and pinks and purples to go with the bronze keys. Everything just fell into place. And suddenly I couldn't stop creating. I still find myself wanting to shoot more creative shots (which is totally going to happen now that it's nice out) even if I don't need them. This collection being the first large collection of 2021 is exactly what I needed it to be, it gave me the opportunity to really spread my wings and realize that I left a mundane job to do this. I need to create, I need to plant the seeds in my head and let them grow out my hands and into my jewelry. 

I know that now that I've opened this gate there is no going back, I manifested this moment, this feeling, this collection. I'm sitting here trying so hard not to cry as I just look at everything that I created, from the jewelry to the photos to the displays that hopefully you'll get to see this year at a show, all of it. I did this. I dreamed it, I manifested it, I worked it, I grew it. Tea Rose is my secret garden and damn is she pretty. I want to start writing more about collections, hopefully I'll have words in the future because I am struggling to find them now but just know that from here on out I am at my creative best and it'll show in every single launch.


XO, Jules

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