Stack of the Week: Week 1

I am beyond excited to finally be getting this up and running again, I'll be adding more posts ranging on a ton of different topics surrounding Tea Rose, but weekly I'll be posting my favorite stacks. One question I get all the time is about how I wear as many bracelets as I do at once and have it look effortless, this series is here to show you how! Being this is the first of this series, I'm still working to find a format that I want to stick with; right now I'm leaning toward breaking down the stack bracelet by bracelet to explain why I picked it for the stack and how you can create multiple stacks from these 6 styles. Without further adieu, here's this week' stack.

Included this week (in no specific order): Sadie, Ragnhild, Ilse, Mairi, Maisie, and Naowarat.

I picked to put all these guys together because I love to mix simple bracelets with stones and charms, as well as be able to wear the more complex pieces with just a couple simple pieces and be on my way. I'm gonna break each down one by one and give a couple ideas for how else they can be worn with each other. 


Sadie is absolutely one of my favorites to start a stack with, bringing the simplicity of black and white with the added texture of the splatter and drawbench markings. 


Keeping with the black and white theme, Ragnhild brings a marbled touch and the added bonus of the bronze eye amulet. When adding charms to any stack, the amulet collection is usually my first go to.


When it comes to building stacks, I love to play with contrast. Ilse brings a stark contrast to Sadie and Ragnhild with the bright white of the howlite elephant beads. I adore using pieces like Ilse to add a playful touch to my stacks. 


Essential to every stack, the simple pieces. Bracelets like Mairi are what can make or break your stack. I use Mairi as a filler, but could definitely create a whole stack around bracelets like her. 


Similar to Maisie, this simple piece acts as a filler between pieces like Ragnhild and Ilse. I'll list a few other combos at the end, but like I said above, I would definitely make a stack revolving around pieces like Maisie and Mairi. 


Part of the most recent shop update, Naowarat adds a glow to this stack lineup. The combo of the light grey seed beads and frosted blue beads bring a softness to the vibrant colors present in the rest of the stack, bringing a sense of balance to everything.


I love these 6 together, but if you're looking for something different, here's a couple different combos:

Mairi, Maisie, Naowarat

Mairi, Maisie, Ilse

Ragnhild and Mairi

Sadie, Naowarat, Ragnhild

That's all I've got this week, I'll be back with a new stack next Monday. Shop this weeks stack here:


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